• A (slide – large teaching group)
  • B (slide – four men sharing)
  • C slide vpom walking
  • D (slide – prison men reading)
  • E (slide – soldiers and child)
  • F slide vpom fv horse
  • G slide – solitary writing

Compassion is nonjudgmental. Regardless of anyone’s worldview or politics, people who are suffering deserve to be helped by the fact of our shared humanity. The practices of Mindfulness and Meditation, if wisely taught, inspire people and then give them the tools to relate to and reduce their suffering.

The Mindfulness Peace Project

The Mindfulness Peace Project (MPP) offers several programs integrating mindfulness and meditation to people in very difficult situations.  Its mission is to cultivate the fundamental sanity and dignity in individuals. This commitment manifests as an appreciation of the richness of every situation, even those that seem confused. Read More …

How does mindfulness deal with aggressive chaotic thoughts? The simple practice of grounding oneself in the present moment using mindfulness techniques allows one to develop steadiness instead of reactivity, and to release the struggle with conflicted thoughts and feelings.